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21. Bayside. Title Fight. Navajo. Loved.

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All I have to say is thank god the book didn’t end mid-sentence.

*takes 19 selfies*

*deletes 22 selfies*

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sorry i took so long to respond i was crying about my life 

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THE MISFITS - 3 Hits From Hell

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i think of america as some sort of quaint faraway wonderland its like u guys live in another dimension what the fuck is black friday why is thanksgiving and whats the deal with wearing white and labour day and why aren’t there any fucking u’s in ur words why do you measure in like feet and body parts and shit thats super fucked up 

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American Football - “Never Meant” (Official Music Video)

15 years after their full length record was released, American Football just dropped an official music video for “Never Meant.” I didn’t expect to be crying at 10:32 AM today and yet here we are. 

I’m having feelings.


you forgot the best set….




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A photoset for my last day of college.

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